Try Our Real Ales!

As the best real ale pub in Stirling we always offer a great selection, which changes every couple of days to ensure we cater for a large variety of tastes.

Don't worry if you come in and your favourite is not on, our experienced bar staff will be happy to help find an ale that suits you. It might even be one you've never tasted before.

Here is the majority of real ales we carry throughout the year!!


Greene King


Greene King IPA

ABV 3.6%

Greene King IPA is a perfectly balanced ale, characterised by its fresh, hoppy taste and clean, bitter finish.




Greene King IPA Gold

ABV 4.1%

Greene King IPA Gold is a light, refreshing golden ale that truly brings out the best in the unique and aromatic Savinsjki Goldings hop variety which creates a perfect blend of tropical fruits, mango and spicy notes.




Greene King IPA Reserve

ABV 5.4%

Greene King IPA Reserve is a warming, full-bodied ale with a reassuringly rich appearance. Grapefruit and Orange citrus tones combine with the floral and herbal Styrian Goldings hop variety delivering a beer of exceptional quality with dry bitter finish.







Old Speckled Hen

ABV 4.5%

Old Speckled Hen has a full, smooth flavour and is very easy to drink. Its rich amber colour and superb fruity aromas are complemented by a delicious blend of malty tastes.




Old Golden Hen

ABV 4.1%

Brewed using the finest pale malts and the rare galaxy hop to give a light golden colour, subtle tropical fruit notes and a deliciously smooth finish.




Abbot Ale

ABV 5%

Abbot is an irresistible ale with masses of fruit characters, a malty richness and superb hop balance. It is brewed longer to a unique recipe, which makes it the full-flavoured, smooth and mature beer it is today.






Ruddles County

ABV 4.3%

Originally from England's smallest county – Rutland – Ruddles County is an English ale with a distinctive flavour of dark toffee and caramel combined with a crisp bitterness derived from using rare Bramling Cross hops.




Ruddles Best Bitter

ABV 3.7%

This is an English ale with hoppy, citrus undertones balanced with bitterness and a light sweetness. It has an aroma that is packed with soft fruit notes and a clean, moreish finish. Available in cask, smooth and sparkling.




Greene King XX Mild

ABV 3%

A CAMRA Champion Mild of East Anglia 2009, this is a cask mild traditionally brewed using dark malt to give a sweet and roasted flavour.




Morland Original

ABV 4%

Morland Original is a moreish and refreshing beer with a subtle malt and fruit character and a pronounced, bitter finish. 




St Edmunds

ABV 4.2%

St Edmunds is a fresh, golden beer with a citrus finish, brewed using pale malt and cascade hops. Crafted for modern tastes using traditional brewing methods, this is the perfect introduction to real beer.







Belhaven IPA

ABV 3.8%

Belhaven IPA is a 3.8% ABV golden ale, brewed using the finest Scottish grown malted barley and hopped using a unique triple blend of hops, which combine to produce its characteristic floral aroma and clean crisp citrus flavour.








80 Shilling

ABV 4.2%

80 Shilling is Belhaven's classic, hand-pulled, cask-conditioned ale. It has a classic red appearance in the glass, with a rich and smooth texture.






St. Andrews Ale

ABV 4.9%

A real classic, Belhaven's St. Andrews Ale is inspired by another great Scottish invention - golf. It's simple really - a truly great beer, great balance and great flavours. Just the thing to quench the thirst after a day on the course.







Golden Bay

ABV 3.8%

This golden ale is reminiscent of the striking sunsets that can be seen from Belhaven Bay. With its refreshing citrus taste balanced against clean floral tones, this ale is certainly one to tempt the palate.






Festival Ale

ABV 3.8%

The abundance of citrus hops tantalise your taste buds and produce a combination of flavours that are worthy of celebration.






Tantallon Sunrise

ABV 5%

A blend of Cascade and Challenger hops combine to produce an abundant fresh hop aroma that preludes a bitter-dry taste explosion.







Homecoming Scotland

ABV 4.2%

A beautiful, burnished amber colour and has aromas reminiscent of forest fruits and floral spice. The taste is an inviting mix of biscuity malt and pleasing hops.




ABV 4.1%

Ossian, Son of Fingal, was a legendary warrior from the 3rd century.  A pale, golden coloured brew with a full bodied fruity flavour with distinct nutty tomes and a hoppy, zesty, orange aroma, derived from First Gold and Cascade hops.





ABV 3.8%

Independence is a classic, full bodied and malty beer with subtle hints of mixed fruits and punches of spice. A perfect balance of Pilgrim and Saaz hops delivers a high quality, nicely rounded ale, with earthy and slightly spicy notes.





ABV 4.3%

Thrapple is the Scots word for throat.  This beer is a golden copper coloured ale, which has a thick and creamy off-white head that laces your glass all the way to the bottom, leaving you wanting more. A marriage of Pilgrim, East Kent Goldings and Cascade hops presents a delicate citrus aroma and a unique spicy floral taste.




Lia Fail

ABV 4.7%

Lia Fail is Gaelic for "Stone of Destiny".  Lia Fail is a dark, robust, full bodied beer with a deep malty taste, smooth texture and a hoppy aroma. The beer is rich with a well balanced and satisfying sweetness with chocolate notes.







Bitter & Twisted

ABV 3.8%

Bitter & Twisted is a superbly-balanced, refreshingly-lively beer. It has a malty-sweet aroma with a floral, fruity hoppiness and a zingy, zesty flavour. Complex, rounded, sweet and dry; this is the connoisseurs' session beer par excellence!





ABV 4.8%

Schiehallion is a stunning lager with elegant head and luscious lacing. It has "aromas and flavours of fresh-cut grass, brown sugar, lychee and green mango" [Melissa Cole] with a crisp palate and a lingering, fresh, grapefruity finish.






Isle of Skye



ABV 4.3%

Brewed with porridge oats for a creamy finish but with a good hop bitterness and light hop aroma.




ABV 5%

A deep golden, malty, full flavoured ale with a fruity, hoppy character and Fuggles hop aroma.




ABV 4.2%

Reddish-hued, slightly malty and nutty in character, smooth to the taste.






Dark Island

ABV 4.6%

A classic Scottish dark ale with chocolate and roasted malt flavours. Brewed with Pale Ale, Crystal, Chocolate and Wheat malts and hopped with First Gold and Goldings hops.





Fyne Ales




ABV 3.8%

A light and golden beer loaded with citrus flavor.











William Bros.


Cock O The Walk

ABV 4.3%

A classic Red Ale brewed with large amounts of Crystal malt and a unique blend of hops from around the world.






Harvest Sun

ABV 3.9%

A straw gold coloured beer with a pleasant citrus aroma and balanced bitter finish.








Trade Winds

ABV 4.3%

Multi award winning light golden ale brewed with a high percentage of Wheat for a clean taste. The Perle hops and elderflower give a unique fruit and citrus flavour.








Deuchars IPA

ABV 3.8%

Refreshing pale golden session beer with great drinkability. The flavours of hops and fruit are very well balanced by malt. Brewed with Golden Promise and Optic malts and hopped with Fuggle and Super Styrian Golding.





Timothy Taylor's



ABV 4.3%

Refreshingly reliable, nationally renowned, this full drinking Pale Ale with a complex and hoppy aroma has real "Pulling Power" and stands out in any bar as the ideal regular.








ABV 4%

A well balanced ale with a full measure of maltiness and hoppy aroma an excellent smooth beer.







Pentland IPA

ABV 3.9%

A golden dry ale, with slight fruit tones and a moderate bitterness. Fresh hop cones are added in four stages to contribute a more complex character, resulting in an easy to drink ale that offers refreshment with a little extra spice.





Shepherd Neame



ABV 4.2%

An infusion of three Kentish hops adorns this beautifully balanced, blood-orange tinted British bitter with an acutely aromatic allure. Hints of marmalade, red grapes and pepper are thrust from a springboard of warm, mellow malts. The floating fruity finish signs off with a smidgen of spice and raspberry.







Merlin's Ale

ABV 4.2%

It is a Scottish border ale with a distictive American accent. It is named after the US Willamette and Cascade hops which give it its light floral note.